FEBRUARY 18-27,2021






Chicken Curry Puff (2pcs) $5

Thai Curry Puff is a snack of savory ingredients filled with Karee curry, minced chicken, and sweet potato and small diced onion wrapped in a flakey served with sweet vinegar dipping sauce Karee curry: Yellow curry paste is a mild, sweet taste with spice.



Taro-Coco Puff (Vegan) 2 pcs $5.50

A puff filled with a sweet snack with coconut milk, taro, and diced coconut meat wrapped in a crispy flakey served with creamy coconut dipping sauce.



Thai Sausage (3pcs) $10

Thai sausage made from minced pork mixed, mung bean noodle, aromatic kaffir lime, ground chili, and Thai herbs with a variety of ingredients which makes it packed with flavor, and grilling served with sweet and sour sauce.

Main Dish


Famous Hat Yai fried chicken $ 15

(The Best-selling item #RW 2019&2020)

Herby, crunchy and juicy, it’s a style of fried chicken from the Southern part of Thailand. Served along with rice simmer in fresh ginger, cilantro-lime sauce, and topped with naturally sweet fried shallots. For sub egg Fried rice add $3, extra dipping sauce add $ 1

Khao Man Gai (Gluten-free).  $15                        Steamed chicken with rice simmer in fresh ginger, chicken stock, and Thai herbs, garnished with cucumbers and cilantro-lime sauce



SIAM steak $16

A delicious marinade of steak blending the flavors of Thai herbs, lime juice, and soy sauce grilled with olive oil. Served with steamed rice. For sub egg Fried rice add $3.



Food Allergy Notice: Our food may contain milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, soy, fish, seafood, shellfish, tree nut and peanut